XIAOMI MI A4: What's Happening?



It has been a year since the launch of Mi A3 had taken place all over the internet world and on the scheduled basis one would surely be waiting for a successor to that phone, Mi A4 set to be taken a launch tour, around the internet world but that does not seem to be the case right now, however, there is just pin drop silence regarding new Android One from Xiaomi. 


Xiaomi, one of the well-known brands that fall under the smartphone technology segment, all but single-handedly had launched its Android One program to mainstream relevance by launching Mi A1 back in 2017. After successful and positive feedbacks behind Mi A1, the Chinese OEM has released three other Android One phones: The Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, and the Mi A3. It’s been a year and this is the time when other android one Mi devices were launched in the market, what about now? Where is the Mi A4?


So far, Xiaomi is thinking to take over this whole year between the releases of its Android One phone segment. The Mi A1 was followed by the Mi A2 right about a year after back in 2018, and then Mi A3 was launched even less than a year after when A2 made his place among other smartphones. For some reason, maybe this pandemic and the lockdown, however, it's now been almost a year since the launch of Mi A3 had taken place.


Unfortunately, there's been no such news and even a flash hint about unofficial Mi A4 but there is just radio silence about new android one Mi A4. 

2017 launched Mi A1 was subsequent to Mi 5X and so the Mi A2 was based on Mi 6X specifications. Last year, in 2019, a new series of Xiaomi phones was launched as Mi CC9 series and the Mi CC9e, at the end of the day, ended up being re-branded as the Mi A3. But there has been no strong and stable word of Mi CC10. 

Considering all of these and the current pandemic situation, there might be a delay in terms of Mi A4. Maybe, this worse pandemic may have affected Xiaomi's further plans and pushed projects backward and that's a distinct and probable possibility.






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