Tauktae Cyclone Strikes Saurashtra Region: Three Dead, 16,500 Houses Damaged


On average, Rupani said 181 power poles and 196 roads were damaged. Damaged, the streets were closed, but 42 were quickly converted. He added that about 40,000 tree deaths had been reported.

Following the collapse of the Saurashtra coast near Una in Gir Somnath district on Monday night. Cyclone Hurricane Tauktae hit the Saurashtra region with three deaths, power outages in some 2,500 villages, 16,500 huts/house damage, 40,000 tree falls, and injuries on 196 roads. Also, many rivers in the region have seen floods due to heavy rains since Monday.

"According to the law, so far, three deaths have been noted. One in Vapi (Valsad region), one in Rajkot district where a boy died after a house collapsed, and another in Gariyadhar in Bhavnagar where an 80-year-old woman died," said the Prime Minister.

Rupani said power outages were reported in about 2,500 areas, and 484 were restored.

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On average, he said, 181 power poles and 196 roads were damaged. Damaged, the streets were closed, but 42 were quickly converted. He added that about 40,000 tree deaths had been reported.

People take a fishing boat to safety on the coast before Cyclone Tauktae in Veraval in Gujarat.
Another 11 talukas in Saurashtra and South Gujarat recorded more than 100 mm of rain until Tuesday morning. Gir Gadhada at Gir Somnath recorded 185 mm, followed by Umergam in the Valsad region of South Gujarat, recording 183 mm. Una in Gir Somnath also received 175 mm of rainfall. Others include Savarambano in Amreli, Palana in Bhavnagar, Amreli, Mahuva in Bhavnagar, Rajula, Khambha, Babra in Amreli district, Gadhda in Botad.

As per IMD's cyclone bulletin report, the extreme storm has reduced to a severe storm and is likely to reduce the cyclonic storm in the afternoon. A powerful cyclonic storm was concentrated in Saurashtra at a distance of 9.30 am 205 km southwest of Ahmedabad, 125 km southwest of Surendranagar, 15 km east-northeast from Amreli. We will continue to gradually decline into a strong storm over the next three hours.

Meanwhile, at least one person was reported missing as Cyclone Tauktae hit the coast of Amreli on Monday night, leaving a trail of destruction - damaged houses and shops, power lines cracked, and towers connecting highways blocked by fallen trees. In addition, the towns of Rajula and Jafrabad were cut off as telephone wires, electricity, and road connections were disrupted for about 12 hours after the storm hit between the villages of Kodinar and Una in the neighboring Gir Somnath district between 8 pm and 11 pm on Monday.

Many shops made of metal sheets on the banks of the Navy River in the town of Savar stadium were hit by a stormy wind that gained momentum on Tuesday morning. Collecting boards and boards for trading areas are blown away by the wind and the city streets, making travel complex and fraught with dangers. Hundreds of power outages ripped through dangerously suspended power lines on the roads and sidewalks as the city, the second-largest district in the Amreli district, remained powerless for the past 14 hours.

Traffic jams in the Savarambano-Rajula section of the Amreli-Rajula highway were halted as trees were blown away by strong winds and rain fell on the road. According to reports, traffic congestion in the city of Jafrabad was also not possible following the destruction of trees and electric poles.

Meanwhile, the Savar Stadium magistrate's office (SDM) confirmed that one person was missing after being hit by his car on the Navy river. Ibrahim Bavaliya, 55, also known as Ibrahim Ghantiwala, a resident of Savarambano, was reported missing after his vehicle was hit by a bridge across the Navli River and crashed into a flooded river. Members of his family said. "She was crying breathless around 4:00, and her sons and his wife Hamida was taking her to hospital. However, as they were crossing the bridge, their car was thrown out of the river by a strong wind. The two sons and their mother managed to swim to a safe place, but Ibrahim is still missing," said Ibrahim's younger brother Hanif.

The vehicle was stranded in the river until Tuesday morning, and the SDM office said the Savarambano municipality firefighters were on duty. In the morning, heavy rain fell, but the winds were still strong as people lived in houses.

In Veraval, about ten fishermen were trapped in a boat that was drifting away to sea. Boats were anchored in the harbor, but were swept away by seas because of the storm's effects. Efforts were made to rescue the fishermen.

In Ahmedabad, at least 30 tree falls were reported. In addition, to avoid any floods, the water level of the Sabarmati River was reduced from 133 meters to 130 feet [2 m] as the gates of the Vasna ruins were opened.

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