No Connection Between Disha & Sushant Singh Rajput | SSR Death Case

The investigation war between the Mumbai and Bihar police in late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death case is being played out before the meeting media and social media. On Monday Sushant's father, KK Singh released a video insisting that Bihar police be allowed to investigate the case, Mumbai police commissioner Pranam Bir Singh disputed Bihar police's jurisdiction. The video featuring KK Singh, apart from repeating a few things said earlier, about a complaint to the Mumbai police of February 25, says for the first time that they had asked to investigate the case after his death. This was refuted by Pranam Bir Singh, who said the family never expressed any suspicion after the actor's death.


He added that the family members did not Mumbai when called for further investigation. According to KK Singh, the message sent to Mumbai police zone 9 deputy commissioner by IPS officer and Sushant's brother in law OP Singh said that actor Rhea Chakraborty had moved in with Sushant" Within days of their association" and her father was retired military doctor. It adds that Rhea and her family took him to a resort near the airport on the pretext of treating him for depression, kept him for there for months together and started managing him and his business affairs because of which Sushant "kept going downhill" It adds that Sushant then called OP Singh's wife(Sushant's brother in law, IPS officer OP Singh was requested to submit a written complaint, which he did not, and instead "wanted the matter to be resolved informally," the Mumbai police said.





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