Mattel is back with a boom!

You got that right; Mattel this week is going to introduce the company’s first-ever gender-neutral doll line which is gender-free. There have always been stereotypes associated with boys playing with dolls, for it wasn’t seen as ‘acceptable’. The coming up of this new gender-neutral line is already breaking the ‘stereotypes’ in many ways and it indeed is a piece of great news.


These dolls are said to be a boy, a girl, neither, or both. It’s been reported that the dolls have been curated out of great precision, like any ‘doll’, these dolls' lips aren’t too full, eyelashes not very long and fluttery, no Barbie-like breasts. It’s reported that each doll in this Creatable World series looks like a slender 7-year old with short hair, but all of them come along with a wig of long lustrous locks. The best part is that the wardrobe of the dolls is said to have a variety such as hoodies, sneakers, graphic T-shirts, camo pants and so on.


All of this has been designed to keep out the labels, allowing kids to customize their characters in their way over and over again. The senior vice president of Mattel fashion doll design Kim Culmone's goes on to say, “this line allows all kids to express themselves freely, which is why it resonates so strongly with them”. This initiative is set to break some strong gender stereotypes and we can’t wait for the society to come along and expand their minds, be more acceptable and be okay with changing certain patters for the good.

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