Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting

How to Choose the Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting?

Rangefinder- as the name specifies, it must be a device to find the range, right? Exactly, it's as simple to use as its name tells.

The rangefinder's use is to find out the distance from the object to a selected point. It was generated by the Scottish firm of Barr and Stroud, in the 80s. It's of two types: coincidence and stereoscopic. The best rangefinder is the one which helps in hitting far placed target successfully. You have to be very careful while buying it. Don't become fool selecting the best one.

The coincidence rangefinder is helpful in cameras for clicking a perfect shot. The stereoscopic rangefinder also has the same features, except it has two eyepieces. Both of them work on the principle of the mirror.

What do You Need to Know to Make the Smart Buy?

(Everyone is smart in their ways, but the smartest is the one who works intelligently)

Always make a wise choice for buying a rangefinder, which helps in shooting better. Make sure it can easily calculate the range. Many times it happens the shooter misses its target because of miscalculations. Always go for maximum distance in rangefinders. Keep in mind to check the magnification level. Choose the best aiming point, which doesn't distract from the target. Do a free trial before purchasing any rangefinders. Make a clear note for which weapon you are going to buy it. Rangefinders differ for a weapon to weapon.


The popularity of range shooters is increasing day by day. Target shooting game is becoming popular right now. A good shooter is the one who hits the target successfully without missing it. Lens coating must be present in a rangefinder for its security. Many of them don't have a coating on them, be careful to choose the best one. The lens helps in clear visibility, even if the light is not available (night-mode).


Whenever any device is invented first, it's very large. The same happened with rangefinders too. They were also large and heavy. Later on, they started lowering their size. Now they have become light weighted and easily carriable. Many of the companies have started making it at a very low cost. Famous amongst them include- Nikon, Bushnell, Leupold, Halo, Tec Tec Tec. Different qualities of stocks are developing day by day with an update on their features. They can be chosen for multiple purposes, accordingly.


Using a rangefinder is a great practice. Below is a detailed review of the best products available on







TecTecTec Hunting Rangefinder




Halo XL450 Range Finder




Leupold TBR Laser Rangefinder




Bushnell 202208 Laser Rangefinder




Nikon 16224 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder


  • Tech Tec Tec Hunting Range Finder-

          Price- 99.99$

This is chosen as the best product in the overall case, in the year 2020. It is very accurate in finding the range. Its powerful performance is highly recommended. It can easily read the display. Its latest technology provides- speed, scan, and hunt features along with a water-resistant body. Contains an eye-safe rangefinder Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output) measures just 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing just 185g.

Its package includes- Complete rangefinder package for quick setup, including a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, quick start guide, Guarantee for 2 Years (Only if Online Registered), and Lifetime customer support.


  • Halo XL450 Range Finder-

Price- 122.42$

This is the best-valued product of amazon. It has a high magnification power of 6x. It is low costed 450 yards ranged finder. Angel Intelligence Technology makes it unique and expensive. It can calculate in both yard and meters.

The product includes- Class IIIA laser, 5 mW or less, powered by CR2 Battery. Its accuracy is also very high and eye-piece focus is easily adjustable (Easy to use).


  • Leupold TBR Laser Rangefinder-

           Price- 399.99$

This product has won the award for premium choice. It covers 1600 yard range, which is considered a very good range. A warranty of 2 years is also provided with this. It is a 100% waterproof rangefinder. It has scan mode, which will keep us updated about the area. 3 Reticle Options are available in it- Plus Point, Duplex, and Duplex along with Plus Point.


  • Bushnell 202208 Laser Rangefinder-

          Price- 118.35$

This rangefinder has a bright display with HD clarity. 100% of quality materials are used, with certified testing. It includes- Crystal clear optics for targeting in low light; Magnification x Objective Lens: 4x 21 milliliter. It displays the exact distance to the target without any deflection.


  • Nikon 16224 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder-

          Price- 142.99$

This product has an advanced ID technology, which provides a horizontal view of the target. It has a 20.3 mm high eye-relief look. It also helps in the fast and easier prediction of the target. The appearance displayed is clear. If you are a shooting lover, just go and buy it.



Assuming, you must have read all the details of a good rangefinder. Now, it's your turn to choose the best among them wisely. Go for the best one at a cheap cost. Check the pros and cons of each of them and select the one which fulfills your requirement. Each of the rangefinders has its qualities, but the best one is which suits your needs. Always make sure to check the reviews of prior buyers.


For example- If you have to buy a rangefinder for playing golf, you must first check the specifications. Look whether the rangefinder is previously used by any golf master or not. If yes, then go for its reviews. Having a 4+ rating is the best choice, while only 4 ratings can also work well. Sometimes, it's good to give a try to new products. It can be risky, but you'll be able to investigate more.

After successfully buying the product, don't forget to write the feedback as it'll help the new buyers. 



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