Life is Mortal

Have you ever imagined your life without your loved ones? Have you ever lost your loved ones? We all suffer through the pain of separation as no one is mortal. If we celebrate when someone is born then we must know how to say goodbye to those who died. It's easy to say but it's tough to imagine and pain is unmeasurable. But we have to accept the truth otherwise time is the best healer. Whenever you are suffering. Ask yourself a few questions - are you immortal? If Krishna, Shri Ram, Mahatma Gandhi, and our ancestors don't remain permanent then do you think you will remain on this earth forever? the answer is of course no. So if God gave us time then why we are wasting and we don't know what will happen to us within a second it's an unpalatable fact that life is mortal.


One day we all have to leave and we have to accept the separation of loved ones. Isn't it amazing if we live our lives with gratitude? If we know the nature of life then why are we self-centered? Just imagine if you are on the death bed. Would you really think about what people will say about you? Or how you can earn money? What you will think? Who will remember you? One must remember no one of us is permanent on this earth. So, do what you love. Have more compassion towards everyone because you don't know whether you'll see them again or not. Everything is important in life but taking stress for something which won't last forever is useless. Do remember life is immoral and our fate hangs over us. Love yourself and everyone around us! It's better to be grateful than to have regrets.






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