India’s Moon Mission, Chandrayaan 2, launched today From Sriharikota


Chandrayaa 2, the GSLV Mark 3, ISRO’s by far the largest and most powerful rocket with a dimension of 44 meters long say as huge as the 15-story building.

Andhra Pradesh (Sriharikota): The Chandrayaan 2 Mission is started today with the rocket launched off at 2:43 pm today.

New Delhi: Today in midst of the blue sky, India launched its Chandrayann 2 mission lifting off form its air pad.  The Scientists today had only a narrow one-minute window for their second attempt on this after its failure at the first go a week ago. The launch was aborted 56 minutes before the lit-off at the first situated duration.

In visuals, it is clearly visible that the scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization’s control room are closely monitoring the rocket launch as the rocket gains speed and push towards the outer atmosphere, boosted by the huge thrust gained from the powerful 640-tone Baahubali rocket.

The GSLV Mark 3 countdown begins on Sunday at 6:43 pm and this mission estimation cost is 1000-crore figure.

The rocket-propelled into space an orbiter, a lander 'Vikram' (named after ISRO founder and eminent Indian scientist Vikram Sarabhai) and a moon rover 'Pragyaan'. Once the Vikram lander separates, it will head to a region on the moon that is little explored till date - most lunar landings have taken place in the northern hemisphere or the equatorial region.

China rocket was landed in the northernmost part which was then followed by the Luna mission of Russia. America’s most moon landings take place in the equatorial region such as Apollo missions.

This mission success will make India the fourth country to ever achieve that feat after the USA, China and Russia.
This mission will be considered one of the best in India’s space history considering the ISRO budget is less than 20 times of USA’s NASA mission. If it passes with flying colors then it will be truly put India name in the space world.


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