Fun Things To Do In Hampi!

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in east-central Karnataka, India. When people think of Hampi, they assume that it is all about temples. Only a few know that Hampi is called the new Goa of South. We are here today to change your perceptions about this fun place. So here are all the fun and crazy things that you can do in Hampi! Visit The Hippie Island As you will cross the river in a motor boat, you will reach the Hippie Island. Hippie Island is not a real Island, but they call it an island because it is surrounding by river from all the sides. Once you reach the Hippie Island you can Walk, Hike and Bike. You can rent a bike there and explore the streets of Hippie by being your own travel guide. Hippie Island is among the most chilled out and laid back places. You will be blow away by the free spirits of the hippies community at the island. Camping Tents near the splendid boulders and a night filled with campfire and music. This is something you should definitely not miss. The glittering sky during the night is worth watching.


The unique landscape of Hampi and it's hippie culture has garnered the attention of many tourists across the globe. Bouldering Hampi is a heaven for Bouldering enthusiasts. Whether you're an amateur or an experienced one, this place will not fail to satisfy you. You will see many Bouldering enthusiasts when you will visit Hampi. It is said that the rocks at Hampi have been among the oldest surfaces on the planet. Chilling at the Cafes One of the best things to do at Hampi is to have a chill day at a cafe. You will be spoiled with the amount of cafes and overwhelmed with the number of choices you will have. Many cafes have beautiful views like rice fields which will leave you at peace after having a tasty meal. Coracle Ride on the Tungabhadra River is a must, it is an experience you don't want to miss. Coracle boat is shaped as a bowl, which is actually a basket rode with one paddle. It is made with bamboo sticks. It is an experience which makes you realise how life must have been in Hampi centuries ago.


Cliff Jumping Everything in Hampi is quite pleasant except for the weather. The temperature in Hampi is quite high. In order to beat this heat you can try Cliff Jumping at Sanapur Lake. Cliff Jumping in Hampi is one of the rarest activities that people are aware of. Although there are signs everywhere that you should not jump as there are crocodiles there. But according to the locals, there aren't any. The jumping point is about 35 ft. high and you can do it at your own risk. Sunrise at Monkey Temple In order to catch the sunrise you are gonna have to wake up around 4 am. You have to climb 575 stairs to reach there. As you reach the top, you can feel the breeze bounce off your face and that's when you will realise that it is all worth it and you are not going to regret it. So, this is one of the things you should definitely do. Just soak in the moment, enjoy the cool wind and watch the sunrise.


Jeep Safari Not many people know this but there is a facility of Jeep Safari in Hampi. It is one of the exclusive things to do but it is really difficult to get a Jeep Safari in Hampi. It is like an opportunity to discover the hidden parts to reach the jungle paradise. So! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, hit to Hippie Island and Surprise yourself!



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