Easy Ways to Gain Weight Naturally


Easy Ways to Gain Weight Naturally If you are thin, you can gain weight naturally without eating loads and loads of food. What you need is a well balanced and nutritious diet. First of all, you should know that one of the most common mistakes people do to gain weight is to eat fatty foods. This only helps to increase bad fats in the body and at the same time, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood; which can later cause more serious problems such as heart attacks. You must first calculate your ideal weight. For that, we recommend using a BMI calculator. Then calculate the number of calories you consume every day. Keep track of your diet for a full week. You can check the nutritional information on the packages of food.


This will give you an average of the number of calories you consume per day. To gain weight naturally, you must increase the calories in a balanced way. If you want to increase about 1 kilo, you must increase between 500 to 1000 calories daily. Increase the portion of each healthy meal. For example, about 60 grams of lean chicken will give you 100 calories. Eat more frequently during the day by adding the number of meals. You must also include fruits, nuts or whole grains in your diet every day. A good eating routine could be like this: eat breakfast very early, at around 7.00 am have lunch at 11.30 am eat again at 3.30 pm, have dinner at 7 pm and include a snack at about 9 pm. Keep an exercise routine focused on your goal of gaining weight. When going to the gym you must explain to the coach what you want to achieve.

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