Earth's Existence is Threatened by Plastic

In today's scientific era, not only has the pace of human development increased, but science has made human life even more simple and convenient. However, the use of new technology has also led to many diseases, challenges, and problems. The use of science and modern techniques has not only contaminated the natural environment but has also laid the web of the humanized scientific environment. This indiscriminate use of technology has endangered the existence of the earth. The biggest problem that is arising in this regard is the maximum use of plastic and the use of humanized items made in it in daily life.


Currently, plastic is being used in almost all places in human life. Plastic is also used indiscriminately as polyethylene for buying and selling goods in the market. Whereas, according to science, plastic is a substance that is not completely destroyed even when burnt. In such a situation, due to lack of knowledge by the common people, after using it, throwing it on common paths, drains or open places causes dirt, the environment is also polluted due to not being completely destroyed. According to experts, plastic is not destroyed even for 100 years. Polyethylene is used in placing and transporting food items. Due to which animals are eaten when thrown out and they remain in their stomach as they are. Which gives rise to severe diseases in them.


 In this regard, Satyanarayana Yogi and Girwar Singh Rajawat, members of SicoDikon, an organization working on the environment in Rajasthan, say that the main reason for excessive use of polybags is its cheap, lightweight, and waterproof. People easily carry any goods in it. This is the reason why it is being used very much in our daily life. People prefer the use of polybags over bags made of clothes, jute, and paper. According to Girwar Singh Rajawat, polyethylene is cheaper and lighter, more hazardous to the environment. Because it is never destroyed. If it is buried in the soil, it not only kills the fertilizer power of the land but also damages the tree plants. Even burning it increases the risk of damage to the entire environment. Girwar Singh says that for a little convenience and greed, man is playing not only with his own health but also with the environment and the entire civilization. The use of polybags is continuously harming the environment. Millions of polybags are used for a few minutes to a few hours and are then thrown into the open without any protective measures. This causes drains and sewer jams, while animals are also dying of death by eating them with garbage. Of greatest concern is the loss of soil fertility.


According to Jaipur Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner Naveen Bhardwaj, 1340 metric tons of waste are released daily in Jaipur, of which 200 metric tons of plastic waste alone. This is attempted to be disposed of through the proper process, but plastic is not destroyed faster than other waste materials. In such a situation, the public should come forward and abandon the use of plastic for the environment. Presently, 14 quarantine centers have been set up in Jaipur in view of the critical condition of Corona. From where the waste plastic waste after treatment of patients is dumped in Mathuradas village, 13 km from Jaipur. This has increased the possibility of adversely affecting the health of the people living there. In such a situation, it has become absolutely necessary to overcome this global problem.


 Not only is the environment being contaminated with polythene, but it is also proving to be the biggest enemy of human health. But man is unaware of it and is using it in every sphere of life. According to experts, keeping hot food items in polybags or ingesting also makes the food items fully chemical. By which human beings are surrounded by diseases themselves. By consuming tea or hot milk in plastic glasses, its chemical goes into people's stomachs. This is causing serious diseases like diarrhea and cancer. In this regard, journalist Giriraj Prasad says that about 60 million tonnes of waste are released annually in India, which contains 25940 tonnes of plastic waste. About 50 percent of the plastic is single-use. About 60 percent of them are not recycled. The biggest reason for their excessive use is cheap and easily available. Whereas users forget that it causes great harm to the environment.


 Of greatest concern is the fact that plastic is indirectly used in sanitary napkins made for women. In this regard, gynecologist Dr. According to Anuradha Kapoor and Anandi Sharma, plastic and chemical along with cotton are used to make napkins. Due to which there is a risk of infection in the sex organs and the uterus. About 77 percent of the urban areas of the country and about 40 percent of the women in the rural areas are getting infected by using this plastic napkin during menstruation. According to teenage girl Dixita Sharma, due to illiteracy, most women use sanitary napkins and throw it in the open instead of destroying it safely. There is a high risk of infection from this.


 However, concrete plans are constantly being made by the Center to make the country plastic-free. In this series, it has been resolved to make the country plastic-free by 2022. But no scheme can be successful on the ground until the public has full participation in it. However, there is a need to resolve more than participation in this scheme and implement it 100 percent. If we really want to give a new India to the next generation, then we need to come out of plastic and firmly discard it.




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