Despite of 9 voters in family, just received 5 votes

Neetu Shuttern Wala a candidate from Punjab who contested the Lok Sabha elections was in tears after claiming he had received just five votes despite having nine voters in his family. Neetu Shuttern Wala, who contested from Jalandhar constituency, admitted on air that even his family members had betrayed him. Neetu felt so sad and broke down before the camera while expressing his disappointment with his family.


He also alleged that EVMs had been tampered with ahead of results. The interview clip went viral, with some calling it the “biggest election story” of the day. Neetu said -“Sir there are 9 votes from my family but I have only received 5.”


Journalist: What did you think while you were campaigning? Do you think there has been some mistake? But from the nine votes at home, you have only got five?

Neetu: There has been dishonesty, the machines have tampered. People swore that they have voted for me.


Journalist: What do you think? Anything you would like to say?

Neetu: I won’t fight in the election again. If the outcome is like this what is the point? I fought the election with a lot of difficulties. And even then such a disappointing result.

Journalist: You are going to give up so quickly?

Neetu: Sir what can I say… I have only received 5 votes.

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