Alexis Sharkey Instagram influencer - 10 Key Points About the Case

The naked body of a 26-year-old Instagram influencer who went missing last week was found by the side of a Texas road. Alexis Sharkey's body had no visible signs of injury and her cause of death hadn't yet been determined. Her mother said she had an argument before she went missing, without naming the person she had the argument with.


1. Alexis Sharkey went missing on November 27, a day after Thanksgiving. According to the family, the news of their missing daughter only reached them when her husband, Tom Sharkey, called to tell them on Saturday.


2. Alarms were raised further when Sharkey’s friends, whom she was supposed to meet at the movies on Saturday, said she wasn’t responding to their calls or texts. This was strange, a friend of hers said, because “She is attached to her phone. She is a socialmedia queen. She is an influencer. She works from her phone.”


3. Stacy Robinault, the mother of the deceased, said that her daughter had left home on Friday after an argument. She reported that Sharkey didn’t take her car and that nobody heard from her since. Robinault took to Facebook to notify people about her missing daughter, writing, “My daughter, Alexis Sharkey, is missing!! No one has heard from her for over 24 hours and the police are involved. She has lived in Houston Texas since January and that was where she was last seen. Please help us find her and bring her home safely!! We are so very desperate!!! Please share!!”


4. 26-year-old Sharkey’s body was found over the weekend, reportedly on Saturday around 8:30 a.m, by some city workers along the side of a service road. Police say her body, found barely three miles from her Houston apartment, was nude at the time of discovery and had no visible wounds.


5. Robinault, upon the discovery of her daughter’s body, posted another message on Facebook on Sunday, saying, “It’s with deeply broken hearts that Mike and I want to let you all know that Lexi’s body has been found.  We cannot begin to thank you all for your love and the kind words you’ve extended to our family!”

6. The deceased influencer often posted pictures of and with her husband on her Instagram feed. Robinault said her daughter had moved to West Texas when she met Tom Sharkey, and the couple relocated to Houston after marriage. The Sharkeys were one year into marriage, but had reportedly been having marital troubles and were heading towards divorce, sources close to the deceased say.


7. Sharkey’s family has alleged “foul play” in the death of their daughter, especially given the circumstances under which she was found. Robinault has said, “The way in which she was found – my child would never do that to herself. That doesn’t even make sense. That is absolutely foul play. There is nothing to me that suggests that this was an accident… I believe that in my mother’s gut.”


8. Responding to allegations against him on social media, 49-year-old Tom Sharkey, wrote on Instagram, “While some of you were posting on social media helping us locate my world! And we appreciate all your help, Love and support! Others were waisting [sic] time talking about other things. Basically crap talk! I have been assisting the deputies and making phone calls to fine [sic] out what happened to my wife.”


9. Friends of the deceased have further quoted that Sharkey was a woman who preferred living privately. Despite being a social media influencer, she did not open up too many details about what was going on in her personal life.


10. Sharkey’s Instagram account, which is still active, displays pictures of her with girlfriends, her husband, scenic travel locations and photoshoots of hersel




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