Alexa's audio deletion feature does not completely clear your data from company servers ,admits Amazon

 The letter reveals that Amazon keeps a record of voice communication done with the user until the user manually chooses to delete them. The company says that they delete the user transcript as well as Alexa's response when user request for deletion. But do you think your data is completely deleted from Amazon server? The anwser is NO.

Amazon claims that it saves recordings and transcripts so as to provide transparency to its consumers regarding what Alexa ‘thought it heard’ and what Alexa provided as a response. They said that we stores data to train the machine and make systems learn, to better understand the variations of speech “based on region, dialect, environment, context, and the individual speaker, including their age and tone of pronunciation .” If a particular word said by the user is not understood by Alexa then we can make him learn and improve the communication, this is the only purpose we store everything.

 Amazon says that they are doing a lot of efforts to ensure that no data regarding any transcripts or response remain in any of Alexa’s or Amazons storage systems.

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