Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL is a result of modern day entertainment a perfect combination of cricketing house and glitz & glamour. The most popular league in the world since 2008 has given a rich life to club cricket in India giving a platform to many young cricketing talents.  The likes of Akshar Patel, Sanju Sanson, Pandya brothers and many other exciting talents have emerged & cemented their place in this young Indian cricket team. T-20 format since its inception has attracted a lot of noise, whether a new generation playing style or diminishing the status of Test cricket. IPL was established with the intention to give fair opportunities to players playing on Ranji & domestic level and improving benchmarks of the domestic level cricket.

But lately, it has been also at the receiving end of many controversies. Curse or blessings always go hand in hand and often seen as the two sides of the same coin. This T-20 club cricket league has its share of problems, but at the same time blesses India with many shining talents. In this blog, we are going to discuss whether IPL is a curse or a blessing.

IPL 2019 Blessing:

1. IPL has helped the Indian national cricket team coping with the star player injuries by giving young talented players a chance to show off their skills and temperament both on and off the pitch.

2. The uncapped players are given an opportunity to feel what is like to be on the pitch, match pressure, mounting heat of international cricket and subsequently assisting them in developing a stature of a pro level that can provide the required confidence for international cricket.

3. IPL has not only built a platform for domestic players skill set, but also offers a handsome sum of money for the domestic players as their salaries and thus meeting their sports person monetary needs.

4. IPL has given the whole world a blessing by providing a platform where they can see world’s top players playing in one team and entertaining the crowd with sixes & fours.

IPL 2019 Curse:

1.  As I mentioned IPL has had its share of controversies, gambling & match-fixing have been a few of them. CSK and Rajasthan Royal got a two-year ban on being suspected of the same. 

2.  IPL has also been accused of defaming cricket as a game. As it is repeatedly being blamed for cricket no longer being a gentlemen’s game.

3.  IPL sure offers a glamorous look out, but there have been stances of exploitation of cheerleaders by those who are related to the game

4.  IPL main agenda was the development of domestic cricket, but seeing the recent trend of gambling, it has made Indian cricket world more of speculating business or say money-making business.


IPL has been a mix of bags of critiques some enthralling and some not. With its inception in 2008, IPL sure becomes top Cricketing league in the world, but on the south side, it has drawn some serious flakes some of its own creation and others repercussions.



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