In Gurugram middle aged woman objectified young girls in a restaurant for their dress code. She told men to rape the girls because they are wearing short dresses. The girls followed the woman to a mall and told her to immediately apologize for her derogatory statement, but instead of feeling guilty of her conservative act, she sounded like a dictator while  looking at the mobile camera, told the parents to control their children's dressing sense and behaviour.

This incident is now viral in social media. The woman seemed to be educated and belong from a well to do family but has such regressive mentality. Sadly it was said by a woman to a woman who is probably of her children's age. The question is how can a woman think that rapes happen because of women's dress and not because of the sick mentality of the rapists. How can still women being told of what to do and what not to do when THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION is the largest democracy in the world. When will India get rid of scrutiny for her independent choice and liberal thoughts. The world is ahead and people are still stuck with their unwanted lecture of proper clothing.


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