Sexist Aunty tells girls they will be raped

An Instagram account called “ sunkissedshitzu” used by Shivani Gupta posted a viral video yesterday about how she and her group of friends were publicly harassed by a auntyji for wearing a short dress at a mall. The aunty is seen on camera telling the girls that they get raped because of the way they choose to dress. 


In a world where constant steps are taken by feminists , patriots and content creators to disassemble the patriarchy and internal misogyny that women inflict upon each other it is mind boggling to see a woman so confident about her hate speech and sexist opinion about what other women chose to wear. The aunty refused to apologise even when she was pressurised to do so on camera , in the footage she threatens to call the police as the women that she attacked begun to stand up for themselves and retaliate , there was shouting and arguing but the staff of the mall did not intervene or ask the aunty to leave in the footage they just stood there watching , it feels as though they were incompetent to handle the situation.


The girls who were shamed by the sexist aunty are using the hashtag #auntyjiapologise to get the aunty to apologise who her hateful speech while the internet is roaring with support for the girls and the video is viral , many influencers found something problematic with the way the issue is being tackled Ankush Bahguna  wrote on his Instagram account that “Still not sure about how okay it is to shame someone on social media because there is a fine line between confrontation and bullying. But I hope this tarts a conversation instead of becoming another viral sensational video, because its not about the woman but about the mindset she and many like her have”


Soon after the internet the girls who were attacked found an old facebook picture of the sexist aunty where she is seen wearing a knee length dress.  Ankush wrote about it “ Her privacy is being inavaded by the whole country . The point is to educate not bully. Social media trials can cause trauma. Even a criminal’s face is hidden when news is being reported because of the risk of the criminal being attacked “

We can hope the aunty realises her wrong doing and apologises to the girls involved not because she is bullied but because she truly understands her mistake through education about the topic. We cannot fight every person with the same mindset but we can fight the mindset through education itself.

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