Kota : A lost city


Kota a city located in Rajasthan popular for it's medical and engineering entrance exam preparation coaching institutes. Every year lakhs of student from all over the country joins this city with aim and determination of getting their dream colleges.

But for most of them it remains a dream and they fail. Ten to twelve hours of daily classes and homework whose amount is nearly equivalent to infinite is not meant for everybody this is where journey to the depression starts. 

Not getting good grades ,batch shuffling
Feeling of worthlessness ,no mental guidance,and especially parental pressure. 

"Talking with few of them and asking them about the problem they face "the answered with

"Most of the aspirants suffers from insomnia"

"Inferiority complex amongst the students "

"Students getting indulge in smoking ,drugs,and unsafe physical relationship".

And the most shocking answer came out was, no mental support from parents and their higher expectations from their child and always pressurising them to match up with toppers.

Their life become lifeless,colourless and full of demotivation. Then too these coaching put these blames on student . So this is the truth of our education  system which definitely needs a make over. 

Our education system which value grades much more than those precious life  . These billion dollars coaching companies need some restriction. 

Countries like Norway , Finland are  constantly upgrading their education system but India's education system is constantly degrading.

And at last requesting each and every parents to be a mental support for your children if they fail because second chance is a must.

            ""Either you win or you learn ""

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