India’s obsession with lighter skin

The “white supremacy “ is a quite well known phenomenon and the obsession for getting lighter skin has been for centuries in our society.The darker skin colour has always been seen as downgraded in South Asia as well. Talking about India,the preference of a fair colour bride has been a quite common phenomenon in our society.


This obsession and fear of rejection has made many females adopt harmful methods for lightening skin tone.Bleaching creams with harmful chemicals like lead are available in the market without license and approval or certificate from any authority.From advertisements to actual accounts of people for preference to lighter skin tone in jobs ,females have low self esteem and are ready to use harmful materials to get “accepted” in the society.The advertisements of lightening creams have faced major backlash for their racist ads yet no ban or restrictions have been made to stop such advertisements .These advertisements have outreach on millions and make females that there is something wrong with them and the fairer skin is the only way out to get accepted in society.


The harmful unauthorised cosmetics that are available in the market justify the reason why skin lightening industry is blooming and has become a billion dollar business. No one bothers to check on these creams,soaps and medicines available and the harmful effects they have. Even the recent miss India beauty pageant faced a major backlash for having all lighter skin contestants who do not give justice to the diverse beauty of Indian women.


Most of the women have complained of skin infections,irritation on facial area due to bleaching of skin and reduction in melanin.But they say they are ready to take the risk because of the favours that are given to their lighter skin counterparts.The taboo regarding dusky and dark skin colour needs to be broken and the obsession for lighter skin needs to go away .This obsession is itself patriarchal because no one wants discriminates between lighter or darker males.

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