Important Practices to do when you are about to get in A Relationship

Observe - 

You don’t have to just believe the words coming out of someone’s mouth. Look at their actions, the way they speak and the way they treat others. Make sure you get the important details. Don’t just be okay and say he or she treats me right while he or she treats others differently.



You don’t have to go and figure this out alone. There is someone who is powerful and understand you more than you do. He knows what you want and need. He knows when the right time is. He also knows the other person’s intentions than you do. Why not submit it to him and ask him for help?


Stop Assuming - 

Sometimes we assume a lot while the other person didn’t mean it like that. You need to confirm and make sure you are on the same page. Don’t just go with the flow. Everyone understands things differently. You need both the verbal affirmation and the action to know what exactly the other person means.


Be friends - 

You need to be with someone who you can be comfortable with. Friendship is a very important factor in a relationship. It’s not always going to be milk and honey. There are times you just need your friend around and who will be better for that than a person you are in a relationship with. In a friend zone is where you get to know that person and be free with them.

Be yourself - 

Before that person it was you with your interests and personality. Sometimes because of the butterflies we get we tend to do everything to please that person and loose ourselves completely in the process. There are two people in a relationship and both of them deserve to be happy in the process so don’t forget yourself.

Take your Time Don’t Rush - 

Listen, if it’s meant to happen it will. Don’t rush anything you are not comfortable with just because you think the other person will leave. If they like you as much as they confess they do, they are willing to wait and enjoy the process with you. If you like someone you would want them to be happy and at peace. You wouldn’t want them to be stressed out or pressurized.


Ask Questions - 

Oh and am talking about the real ones. Your time is precious you need to use it well. If you have doubts and want to know something ask, don’t just ignore. If you want to know someone ask them. Make a conversation of the important things you need to know. If you don’t understand something ask. Don’t create your own answers in your head.

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