How nationalism is rooted in our daily lives?

The passion of nationalism is dispersed all over the country in citizen’s minds through different mediums.Govt forces,market forces or entertainment forces wants us to become economic cultural social warrior of this country .If not on border atleast in the markets.We saw how nationalism in inculcated in us through different media. Let’s look at how market manipulates different symbols in advertisements.Starting from nationalism in your food to even your floor tiles should reflect your nationalism. this is not only in India All over the world people have been trained to become nationalist soldier .However interestingly the same MNC that would say america first in US say Make in India here.Your vehicle should represent your certificate of nationalism . for instance, INS vikrant which is a major landmark on the thrust towards ‘Make in India’ is used as a name for a model of  bike.

Coming to how nationalistic values are upsurged socially,fromJai Hind to be announced with “intensity “ after every announcement by Air India to circular by Gujarat education board to say “Jai Hind” or “Jai Bharat” during attendance in schools or Several offices being ordered to sing national anthem every morning. Public opinion was divided and our social media feeds flooded with memes and tweets or cartoons. We saw the whole debate about “Vande Mataram” with Muslims denying saying it,to the extent that a Muslim teacher was beaten for the same and Madarsas ordered to chant “ Vande Mataram” and videos to be sent as a proof in UPt.Lastly,Proposal to amend the law making compulsory “Bharat Mata ki Jai” by yoga guru Ram dev in the wake of Asaddudin Owaisi AIMIM leader denying saying it .Last but not the least Supreme Court ordered national anthem to be sung in movie theatres. The things obviously became  dramatic after that we saw a handful of public opinions and a lot of discussions around nationalism in our day to day lives.

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