Garlic can change fortunes

We are all aware of the fact that people dream of becoming richer as quickly as possible. There is a lot of effort to make money, but we are going to tell you some measures that are garlic and can change your fortunes. 



1.   Placing a bud of garlic in the purse would benefit the Dhanis but be aware that it is called the remedy you will have to do on Saturday and should be buried under the ground in a red potli with two garlic buds as it increases the wealth.


2.  Those who have nightmares at night should keep two or three garlic buds under their cushions while sleeping at night, thereby ending their scary dreams and in the meantime the garlic should be thrown into a crossroads.


3.  If there is a negative energy in the house one of the garlic buds should be placed in the corners of the house but it should be changed every week.


4.   Those who want peace and tranquility in the house should put 7 garlic buds in a Dundee on every Tuesday and Saturday in the courtyard or the roof of the house because doing so does not give negativity to the house.


5.  Eating garlic in the morning can help you to get rid of a health illness and a garlic bud should be kept on the main door of your home every day, thereby eliminating the architectural defect.

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