"AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT" & "LOCAL FOR VOCAL" : The change for better


COVID-19 has disrupted the economy of India as well the whole world in an unimaginable state. Coronavirus was first detected in India on 29 January 2020 in Kerela. Hardly any of us have had imagined the situation like what it is today. In the month of March, there were lump sum of 500 cases in India and if we talk about the present scenario, the count has reached up to 8000 cases per day. As the days are passing by, it is becoming even stressful and tough to cope with this virus. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are now unemployed, the number of firms is facing a lot of losses from continuous three months. Everything is in a stagnant position and nothing can be done about it. Middle-class strata of the country is in a distressful situation because of a sudden number of job losses and financial downfall. But talking about the lower-income strata, say daily wage workers and farmers are on the edge of life or death.


They were solely dependent on their work and income, they have been suffering a great deal of unfortunate experience. The government, by and large, have arranged and made sure to overcome some of the major crisis like taking millions of migrant workers and students back to their homes safely by special trains. The government has taken care of meticulous things like proper sanitization and the arrangement of food supplements for them. Running of special trains and taking workers and students back to their homes have saved the lives of many as they were facing major crises to even arrange two-time meals for themselves. Talking about migrant workers, there are a number of articles where they said that they wish to work from their own villages and districts. Unemployment and an insufficient number of jobs in their districts or villages force them to migrate to different cities in order to earn money.


Though it is not possible to create jobs in the rural areas in a day or two, in order to make India stronger and jobs more viable in corners of the country we Indians have to learn to be more independent. PM Narendra Modi in his speech on 12th may 2020 enforced we Indians to be "AATMA NIRBHAR" and "VOCAL FOR LOCAL". He pitched us to be more dependant on made in India products. As Indians, we have to learn to differentiate between foreign products and local ones. The term AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT and VOCAL FOR LOCAL had a lot to do with the everyday choices we make. Whenever one goes to the market to buy a particular product, we hardly know or even if we know we tend to ignore whether the product is manufactured in India or not. We should learn to now comprehend the Indian products just by listening to the name of the brand. Most of us Indians are dependent on Chinese products. Most of us have smartphones of brands like Vivo, oppo, mi, etc.


It's high time now we Indians should make a choice for Indian products rather than Chinese or even foreign ones. The term AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT and VOCAL FOR LOCAL solely mean depending on our own manufactured goods services. The moment we learn to encourage Indian products, the faster we move towards a better and economically stronger country. The term AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT and VOCAL FOR LOCAL go together in sync. The little things we weren't aware of like abolishing Chinese applications. These applications have a different alternative and there is an urgent need to replace them with local apps.


Applications like UC browser, CamScanner, shein are Chinese applications. It is a bit tough to completely detach ourselves from these daily life tools and turn fully independent but every small step and call for using local brands can make India something we never imagined in coming next years. There are better alternatives available to our every needs and requirement we just need to be more informative and vocal about it. Differentiating and learning about our India and Indian products can transform India into something we never imagined. So next time, on Diwali when you buy a diya instead of the Chinese lights, remember that to a large extent you are helping India and we Indians to transform into something stronger and better in every aspect.





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