Election Body’s passivity on PM Modi speeches forces Congress to move to Top court


Elections 2019: Congress has incriminated PM Modi of violating the election rules Sushmita Dev, the Congress parliamentarian has moved towards the Supreme Court to direct the Election Commission over the impending election complaints against PM Modi and its counterpart Amit Shah Key Highlights 1. Congress requested the Supreme Court to move Election body to handle the complaints 2. Congress accused PM and its counterpart Amit Shah for discriminating Election code 3.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear this plea Congress Parliamentarian Sushmita Dev has said the Election Body is not taking action on their party’s complaints about PM Modi and Amit Shah Speeches. On Tuesday, A Supreme Court bench directed by the Ranjan Gogoi, Chief Justice of India will entertain this plea. The plea filed by the Congress addresses PM Modi and its counterpart Amit Shah used of hate speech at events to gain popularity of voters and using army operations in their political speech in spite of the Election Body’s ban towards it. The Congress spoke persons said PM Modi violated the speech code at Gujarat political rally held on April 23rd after the casting of his vote.

The Election body had last month told Political parties to refrain from involving any military conversation in their polling events following Pulwama terror attack and the Balakot air strikes this year. The Congress has accused the ruling party BJP citing such references in their political speeches having Election committee clear stands on the usage of military events. At a recent rally in Gujarat on April 17, PM Modi said that his government had called Pakistan’s bluff after the tragic Pulwama incident resulting in the death of 40 CRPF personnel. "Earlier terrorists from Pakistan would carry out attacks in our country and go back unscathed, threatening to launch their nuclear bombs if we retaliate.

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But we have the nuclear bomb of nuclear bombs. I told them to do what they want (but we will retaliate)," the Prime Minister said. And that stops not there earlier BJP party member Yogi Adityanth the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister give away for controversy by citing the Indian Army as a “Modiji ki Sena” which was strongly condemned among the opposition parties and Army Veterans. We also got to see another controversy broken out last week accusing poll code violation by PM at a rally in Maharashtra.

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