Again Prashant proves as a ‘Champion’ of politics

Once more, Prashant kishor prove he is the champion of elections campaigning,this time in Andhra Pradesh.After propelled the YSR Congress of YSR Jagan Mohan in A.P.


YSR Congress got huge victory in Andhra Pradesh assemblies elections as well as in Loksabha elections. His party wins 151 out of 175 seat in assembly and 22 out 25 in Loksabha.

In 2014 elections YSR Congress defeated by TDP.


But this time, Prashant Kishor change the game and turn it for Jagan Mohan Reddy.Prashant Kishor Champaign for  YSR Congress and got it big win. In champagne involved around 400 workers which stay connected with MPs and MLAs candidates.


Who is Prashant Kishor? He is Strategic maker for political parties, founder of Indian Political Action Committee an organisation which take part in champagne for parties. 


He had work for Narender Modi at Gujrat and then in 2014, for General Elections. After it he also champagne for JDU-RJD which is successful one for Prashant. In Punjab had been work for Captain Amrinder Singh,where Congress to grasp win to AAP. Now for YSR Congress another big win for Prashant Kishor 

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