New Viral video Posted by MS Dhoni

Retiring from cricket and going to become an Artist !!! The New Viral Video.


MS Dhoni the former captain of the Indian National Team who led the team to win the World Cup in the year 2011 and the current captain of Chennai Super Kings posted a video in the social media. One of the Indian Cricketer who has got more fans and named as Captain cool, Mahi, MSD, etc by his fans. has mentioned his new hobby rather than cricket in this new video that he has posted.


New Viral video Posted by MS Dhoni


In the video, Dhoni has commented that he had originally wanted to become an artist (i.e.) he had a keen interest in art. He indirectly told to his viewers that he is going to retire himself from cricket and get into painting. He has planned to start an exhibition to showcase all of his paintings. He is has started preparation for his first art exhibition.


Going on with the video he also showed three paintings that he claimed to be painted by himself. One of those paintings (i.e.) the last painting was a self-painted portrait of himself and he informed that it was his favorite painting. The first is about a beautiful landscape and the second one is a painting about Futuristic Plane for transport in the future. The last painting is his favorite and he has spent a lot of time on it.


At the ending of the video, he asked the art committee to go through his paintings and give him some advice because he is really serious about this and open to any advice. He also requested all the viewers to attend the art exhibition. He ends the video by thanking the viewers for logging in and watched the video.

Though the video seems like a prank, it is getting viral among his fans.  

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