International Yoga Day celebrated well.

International Yoga Day celebrated well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed yoga along with around 30,000 people in Ranchi on Friday on the occasion of the fifth International Yoga Day. The session continued for around 45 minutes at the Prabhat Tara ground here. The Prime Minister first addressed the participants before the session began. 


Modi said in his address prior to the session, "Yoga has always been associated with peace and harmony. I thank people for adopting Yoga. I urge people to embrace it." He also spoke in English for a few minutes to reach out to the global audience. Saying "Yoga is beyond caste, religion, region and any boundaries. There is a solution to alcoholism and diabetes in Yoga". This year, Yoga's theme is Heart Care. There has been a manifold increase in the heart-related problems in the country, particularly among the young generation. Yoga should be adopted as a preventive measure. 

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