Indian economy grow, but millionaires left country

Another report has comes between the statistics of the growing economy in the country. A reports of Global Wealth Migration Review 2019.  The report gets information about the displacement of wealthy people in the world.

According to the Economics Times report, in 2018, India is third position in the list of the number of millionaires to leave the country.  This year, 5000 millionaires left the country.  It is a total otwo percent of the total millionaires or more people having wealth of country. This statistic is also shocking as the displacement in India is more than Britain,while the UK has been facing huge political problems for a long time.  There have more possibility to migration . The issue of brexit still warm in Britain.

China tops the list, perhaps because the US China Trade war is being said. Russia is next to China due to some world economic issues. People who are fleeing to these countries prefers to settle in America and Australia.

In the context of India, it was said that in 2028 India will be the world's fourth largest economy leave behind Germany and the UK.  In the future, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad will be economically important for countries.

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