Exit Poll, Opinion Poll in Indian Democracy


After 5 pm of 19 may a word became very popular in Indian Society, is ‘Exit Poll’. Every news channel’s anchor has come on screen with an exit poll. A curious child come to me and ask me that what is the ‘Exit Poll’? I think like this child,many other persons want to know about it.Exit Poll, An exit poll is a poll of voters taken immediately after they have existed the polling station, unlike an Opinion poll which ask for whom the voter. 


Why people interested in it?


In India 543 constituency, seven phase, millions voter and large diversity. After the polling people’s eyes set on May 23. Everybody wants to know what will be happen. Newspapers and broadcasting companies focus on this spectecle and give numbers which show you last few days. In exit poll agencies are claim, including different cast, gender and age groups. 


Why not exit poll before 19 May?

It’s reason was Election Commission. Election Commission recommended to the Law’s Ministry at 2004 to ban. It considered that Exit Poll and Opinion Poll were influenced the people. These recommendations was accepted in February, 2010. After that ban for time period through the People Represntation Act,126A. 


Its reliablity always have questions mark. In last 20 years, may be any Exit Poll change in results. Like in 2004 election, Exit Poll show that NDA government would be formed, but public gone with UPA and 2009, again. Not only in India, last week Austrelian general election results are came, Liberal Party wins but Exit Poll gave majority to Labour Party.  All the time marginal question are rise which marks on its reliably

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