Triple Talaq bill again on the table.

On Friday, a newfangled Triple Talaq bill was  proposed in the Lok Sabha. The bill has been heavily opposed. It has been considered as a violation of the Constitution. With the start of second term Narendra Modi presented The Muslim Women bill as the first bill of 2019. The Prime Minister and the Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad have been aiming for gender equality and justice with this bill. The bill received 186 member's support while 74 member opposed it.

''This is not a question of religion but about justice to women'' said Prasad.



To strengthen the need of this legislation, Prasad mentioned that there are 543 cases of triple talaq filed in the country. Even after the ban imposed by the Supreme Court on triple talaq there were still 200 cases reported.


'' This is a question of dignity of women and we are committed to safeguard it'' he said. He added that the job of Parliament is to legislate, it is the Supreme Court who will judge the law and implement it.



In the house when Prasad was asked to move the bill, several members stood showing their opposition. Speaker of the house, Om Birla asked them to put forth their opinions and reason of opposing. Shahi Tharoor of the Congress said that he is against triple talaq but he is also against this bill as it confound criminal and civil laws. He claimed that  this bill takes up only one community Muslims, while abandoning wives should not be accepted in any community. According to him the law should be universal supporting ever wife, covering every religion.



Asaduddin Owaisi of the AIMIM called out on BJP saying that they have so much affection for Muslim women, but are denying the right of Hindu women to enter the Sabrimala Temple in Kerala. Among the opposing bracket N K Premachandran of RSP was also counted in.


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