The expedition en rout by the PM and Bear Grylls in Uttarakhand to be called as Modi Trail

To entail more visitors to Jim Corbett National Park, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department has planned to develop the trail into the Modi Trail covered by the Prime Minister and Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls With PM in Corbett National Park

Bear Grylls the protagonist of Discovery show Man Vs Wild, toured Prime Minister Modi on his latest adventure, the episode was telecasted on August 12. The episode TRP was so massive that it promotes the tourist department to name the trek Modi Trail and market it accordingly.The episode saw PM Modi and Bear mounting a distance of approx. 8km towards Jim Corbett National Park’s wilderness and on the way having conversations about life, country, and nature. Now reports have emerged that this particular route traversed by the duo will be foster by the Uttarakhand tourism department.


Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj recently announced that the trek covered by the duo during their expedition will be developed as Modi Trail. This trekking route will be separately distinguished in the famous national park. The minister also added that the Modi’s exuberance for the wilderness and the escapade he took for trekking would help entice more tourism to India especially local.He also said that the visitors of this park would be enthralled to visit Modi Trail and its wilderness. It is now looked more that this route will be even more popular which is already famous for its rich wilderness especially the tigers.


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