Taj mahal inaugurated with a breastfeeding room


There are not many public places in India where women can feed their infants without being glared by a creepy look from society. The Union ministry of tourism makes sure that it's not the case for the world-famous Taj Mahal. Union minister of state for tourism and culture Prahlad Singh inaugurated a breastfeeding center at taj mahal on 29 of August 2019. Making it the first of its kind to have such a facility for childcare in the country.

People are contented to have such a facility been implemented in public places. Prahlad Singh quoted ''We have exclusive sites all over the nation, which can attract tourists. But we also have to pay attention to the infrastructure available for tourists so that the world's perception of our monuments and cities changes." So far the promises made the government on the subject of tourism seems to incorporate only on existing infrastructures. However, there is hope that we will be witnessing the development of new infrastructures in the country also.

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