SC issues a notice to Bihar Government for the death of children due to AES.

Supreme Court issues a notice to Bihar Authorities for the death of children in the state.
On Monday the apex court issued a notice addressing Bihar Government and Centre. The notice is sent out in order to redeem an explanation for the death of 120 children in Muzaffarpur because of the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES).  SC's bench with justices, Sanjiv Khanna and B R Gavai have called the Bihar government to submit an affidavit under a time bracket of seven days. It should  mention the adequacy of medical facilities, sanitation, and nutrition in the state.



This notice is the result of the plea filed by advocate Manohar Pratap and Sanpreet Ajmani. The plea seek for urgent help with the treatment of the children suffering from Encephalitis. To which the Bihar government gave assurance to SC by saying the government is taking all the major steps to contain this havoc caused by AES and the situation is under control.SC will take up the hearing of this again in 10 days.Till date over 140 children have given up due to AES. The epidemic started from June 1, it majorly affected Muzaffarpur district with the highest number of death.State Health department gave out the statistics showing that 20 out of 40 states have been affected by AES and more than 600 children have been under its attack, out of which 120 have been killed by the disease. ​

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