Saamna Urges PM to Follow Sri Lanka

Following the blasts in Sri Lanka, the government there banned burqa for safety purposes. Saamna, the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena, in an editorial urged the PM, Narendra Modi to do the same in India as well. Though the executive editor of Saamna Sanjay Raut supports this urge, Shiv Sena might be skeptical about it as this issue is very sensitive for BJP, the ally of Shiv Sena who is currently fighting the loksabha elections. Sanjay Raut stated that these belief is in parallel with Bal Thackeray’s views in context to national security.

The BJP ruled down the urge. BJP’s spokesperson Narsimha Rao said that there is no need for any such ban in India as we are safe under Modi’s leadership. The spokesperson of Shiv Sena Neelam Gorhe said that this is not the official viewpoint of the party as every editorial that is published is published after the approval of all the members of the party and by the part’s president Uddhav Thackeray himself. She further added that Raut must have amplified his own opinions.

The piece also said that the French government banned burqa after an attack and even we should take cues from such examples.

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