Rajnath added to 6 cabinet committees, Amit Shah in all 8


The Cabinet Committee composition has come over with big names. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was earlier left out from key committees and therefore he has been given added in four new key committees. He is now in total 6 Cabinet Committees. His name is in the list of Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, Political Affairs, Investment and Growth and Employment and Skill Development. Initially he was made a part of Security and Economic Affairs.



On 6th June, eight cabinet committees were revived by Central Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which included Appointments Committee, Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Accommodation, Parliamentary Affairs, Political Affairs, Security, Investment and Growth and Employment and Skill Development. Thus, PM makes two new cabinet committees to manage growth and jobs. Prime Minister Modi is himself a part of six of the eight reconstituted committees except the cabinet committees on Accommodation and Parliamentary Affairs. The press release issued by Cabinet Secretariat expresses that Amit Shah is part of all eight committees.



The distribution of ministers in various committees has been done with utter precision and almost all committees are tackled under number of ministers associated with the purpose of the committee and work associated to it. Security that has always been a key factor in Modi’s government is seen to be a big card for the chosen government. Prime Minister Modi is himself a part of the Security Committee along with Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Sitharaman and S Jaishankar. With all top ministers in the security committee, it seems to be a potential one for the country’s integrity and security. PM Modi is also part of the Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth. The Cabinet on Emplooyment and Skill Development was reconstituted later to include PM Modi, Shah, Sitharaman, Tomar, Pradhan along with the HRD Minister, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Minister of Labor and Employment.


The Cabinet Committees are looking to be promising that upholds work and action. Thus, the decisions and their working will be looked after keenly by public’s eye.

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