When government tries every little thing to make the public understand the newly amended bill which is the CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL and it is still reason of burning and urging protest. Both the Government and BJP have alleged that there has been a concentrated attempt to distort the reality of CAA-NRC and that combined. The true pictures may be different and totally have some clear aspects that are the need of hour. The citizenship amendment act 2019 was passed on 11th December, 2019. It amended the citizenship act of 1955 by providing a path to Indian citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. For the first time, the term religion had been used as criteria for the citizenship under Indian law. As far as everyone knows that the persecution of minorities such as Hindu, Sikh and Christians has been a serious problem in such countries and so they come to India as a refugee for shelter.


The amendment has been criticized to be discriminating on the basis of religion and the office of united nation high commissioner for human rights has called it to be FUNDAMENTALLY DISCRIMINATORY. The basic critics has been made over the NRC bill for India. As it would come in combination with CAA and would exploit a lot of people nation-wide.


Some Questions raised on this are the ones coming from the people of country. Because as of now, a lot of people have misunderstood the concept of the act and NRC bill. Though NRC bill is still in process for the whole country and is still imposed only for the places in Assam.


To make it clear here are some of the very few information any citizen of INDIA must know before creating an opinion and spreading it wide. India is up in arms over the citizenship amendment act and National register of citizenship for last one week. The union government has been at pain to assuage the concerns and has been reiterating that no Indian has to worry about anything.


Do Indian Muslim have to worry about their citizenship under these two bills??

No Indian citizen of any religion needs to worry about the CAA or NRC.


How is citizenship decided? Is it the government that will decide the citizenship of everyone?

The government is no one to decide the citizenship. Everything will go as per the constitution. Citizenship rules-2009 as framed under The Citizenship Act-1955. They are in public domain. And the basic five rules through which citizenship is given to Indian Citizen are



When the NRC will come, do everyone has to prove ancestry dating back before 1971?

No. No one has to prove any ancestry document like ID Card or birth certificate of parents\ grandparents dated before 1971. This rule is only imposed in Assam to cross check the documents and keep up transparency of the method. Being only valid in Assam NRC and mandated by the Assam acord and implemented on directions of supreme court. NRC procedure in rest of the country will be different and easy.


Does NRC exclude anyone for being third gender, Dalit, Adivasi, women and landless without document?

NO one who is mentioned above will ever be effected by the two of the bills that are going to be implemented all over the nation.


And what if the person is illiterate and does not acquires the basic documents that are relevant to the process?

In such case they will be allowed to bring up some witness, various other proofs and verification. The citizen of India, no matter whoever they are, will never be affected by the implementation of these two bills.


Will people have to provide the details of their parent’s birth date and place, just to prove their citizenship, after the NRC is implemented all over the nation.

The details of each one’s birth like date\month and year and for more preciseness the place of birth are enough. No other documents will be compulsorily asked to be submitted. The citizenship can be proved by submitting any document that is the proof of birth. This rules are likely to be decided by the government. They may include voter id cards, license, passport, birth certificated etc.


These are some myths which are already setting fire in public. People are still unaware about the reality of the same.

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