PUBG Mayhem: Gujarat Woman wants a divorce from disapproving Husband

A 19-year-old Ahmedabad woman mother of a one year girl wants to divorce her husband because of his lack of approval to her PUBG addiction.


Hear that who thinks that divorce is taking place on account of an Android game PUGB rather than a domestic feud or discord.




Online game PUBG has given the online gaming in India a massive boost and has offset many bizarre situations and setting new highs in addiction forcing the Supreme Court to limit his gaming time.


A 19-year-old married Ahmedabad woman with a one-year-old baby filling for the divorce and the reason is her mundane PUBG addiction.


This case was highlighted when she calls the 181 Abhayam women helpline seeking help to get a divorce.


At first, she did not report this as she wanted to be settled at a women’s observation home, far away from her parents and husband so she could play at her free time.


Falguni Patel, Coordinator at Abhayam says “the wife called 181 and told us she wants to be at a women’s observation home as the equation between us is not working out neither she didn’t want to go to her parent’s home as they had taken away her cell phone".


Falguni Patel told that when we told her about the limitations of observation home that she will not be able to use her phone or go out, she leaves the idea of observation home. Then she resorts to the help of her friend who she later describes was her PUBG gaming partner at the counseling sessions.


Her husband didn’t like her addiction to the game and have a serious on-on conversation with the wife causing the tension between them and she make up her mind to leave the husband for parents. Even then they rejected her PUBG addiction taking her phone away.


The Abhayam coordinator said the counsellors asked her not to take such an important decision in a hurry just on the sole cause of her PUBG addiction as her 2-years marriage and their child future was hanging by a string.


The coordinator added our counsellors has have helped her arrive at a rational decision realizing her repercussions and future scenarios on the cases they have dealt in the past.


Ms Patel said during 4 hours of counseling, we have advised her not to give up on their marriage and give a second chance to it. The wife agreed and we have given her a unique ID number for further assistance at 181 helpline so that we could man mark this case and identify easily & work accordingly on future any attempt.

Ms Patel said this was of second in type case they have seen someone addicted to PUBG.

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