Pakistani vessel caught carrying Heroine
Indian Coast Guard (ICG) raided a fishing vessel on Tuesday. ICG caught the vessel named Al- Medinia  off Jakhau Coast in Gujarat. The  craft was found to be carrying 200 kg of drug- Heroine.

It is likely that the consignment was going to be received by an Indian vessel. ICG's officials are interrogating the group of six crew members found at the time of blitz.  Officials are still trying to understand and identify the nationality of the crew members. Rajiv Ranjan, the spokesperson of ICG said
“An inquiry to understand the nationality of the crew members is underway"
The information about this transport of the drug was received on Sunday. On Monday, they received further information from Directorate of Revenue of Intelligence. ICG diverted their ship Arinjay.

The vessel allegedly carrying heroine crossed IMBL ( International Maritime Border Line), and was eight nautical miles inside the Indian water when caught. Authorities were continuously  eyeing the suspected and finally busted it at 9:15 A.M. The accused tried getting away by perpetual frantic motion but failed. As soon as they spotted the CGS raft they accused starting the packets off the  vessel to the sea, which were later recovered.
”The boat tried evasive manoeuvres, however, the Indian Coast Guard ship chased the boat and succeeded in taking control of the situation inside limits of Indian waters,”
said an official.
Earlier this year in March another consignment carrying 100 kg of Heroin was caught off Gujarat Coast. Nine Iranian were caught with the same. The identities of the crew memebers of Al-Medina, are still unknown.
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