Online Rage On woman Making Offensive Remarks

A video of an “aunty”, as the netizens prefer calling her has become viral on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. In this video the woman is followed by agitated young girls who were filming all this in their phone. The girls were enraged because of the remarks the woman made on the length of the dress of one of the girls. She allegedly said that “such type of girls should be raped”, which she repeated again in the camera later in the video. The girls are seen arguing with the woman and shaming her for the opinion that she carries even this era. They argue that in a world where a woman should be a strong supporter of another woman, this woman was stating a horrible outcome on the basis of the dress of the girl. Not only the girl on who she commented, but many other girls and women stood against the woman in the shop despite not being related to the girl, just to support her. A woman interrupted and politely started to have a “mother to mother” conversation with the woman, saying that she also has a daughter and has no issue with her wearing short clothes. The crowd got angrier after the woman was continuously denying to apologize to the other girl even after getting threatened that they will make this video viral.

On being questioned by one of the girls as to why women wearing Burkha, 2 months old girls and even 80 year old women get raped even after wearing “socially acceptable” clothes, the woman said that they are “psychic” to which the mob criticized her strongly. Not only the crowd, but after this video went viral online, the netizens spat a lot of hate while sharing the same video, each one criticizing the woman and sharing their own opinion and take on this matter. The internet is also split in two types of audience where one is mercilessly calling this woman out and the other which believes this matter needs to be handled carefully and with due respect to the woman and hence educate her about this.

This calling out online was fueled when a picture of the “aunty” wearing a short dress was shared and made viral. The reaction of the woman to this is still not received by any medium.


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