On Failure to Crack JEE, Hyderabad Teen shot himself with Father’s Pistol


JEE 2019 Results: The Student has taken coaching from Aakash Institute for the JEE but could not get past the required score sheet for the JEE exam as the result was announced on Monday.

As of now, Police are investigating Sahil’s (the teen who shot himself) father who is employed as a security guard


A 17-year-old Hyderabad native allegedly committed suicide in Hyderabad following his inability to crack the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains Test according to the police statement.

The News just comes after a fatal mistake over intermediate examination results ending the lives of 20 students.

The crime was allegedly happened at the wee hours of the day using the father’s pistol in the Neredmet neighborhood in Secunderabad. The father was a retired army jawan.

The student was pursuing JEE coaching form Aakash and fails to topple this exam as the results were announced on Monday.

It is suspected that Sahil has gone to this extreme measure after his father had scolded him for not concentrating on studies and his ineptness to clear the exam. Not getting the results & father’s scolding leads him to depression and pushing him to this dangerous area i.e. killing himself with a Gun.

The police have started off the investigation questioning Meheruddin who works as a security guard at a bank currently.

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