Officials Say Three People Died When a Helicopter Crashed on a Street in Suburban Honolulu

the crash occured in kailua a place whose population is total of 50,000. 30 minutes ride from the honolulu. carsh site was on a two lane road. after it crashed they saw fire and helicopter parts raining all over the sky. it killed all the 3 people who were boarded. said officials who saw it.

“All you could see was fire,” witness Melissa Solomon said, explaining that she was driving on the street when she looked up to see flames and a helicopter plummeting in front of her.

She said she had turn onto another street because she was afraid more pieces were going to fall from the sky onto her and her 16-year-old daughter sitting in the front passenger seat.

“We could have been smashed by it,” she said.

“We were really confused,” she said. “And then we heard screaming and the word `fire,’ and I saw smoke,” she said. Debris damaged her rental car about 100 yards (90 meters) from the crash.

it is a home to marine cops and now a famous tourist destination because of the beaches.

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