Metro and bus ride will be free for the safety of women, said CM of Delhi


For the  ' safety ' of woman, the rides of metro and buses will be free for them. Arvind Kejriwal.
Delhi government is currently working on making the travel for woman free of cost in public transport.
The plan is yet to be cleared by the authorities, but is being worked on.
This plan this year will cost 700 crore to the government. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi announced this. Saying the travel will be soon for the women.
"Right now our concern is the safety of women. There are questions regarding the metro, but we will let you know how the proposal evolves at every step,"
"It incentivises women who cannot afford to take the Metro to start using it, which is a safer option for them than using ride sharing, autos, private buses at night."

"Those who want to buy tickets are free to do so, they need not take the subsidy. Several women can afford these modes of transport. Those who can afford it, can buy tickets and forgo subsidy so others could benefit,"
he explained.
Delhi is partially shared with the centre, so the plan needs the agreement of centre also. Which is yet to grant its agreement on this. The plan is accepted to be launched in three months, which will be costing 700 crore.
Officers are asked to a detailed report for this with a time frame of a week. The report will then be presented in the cabinet for further approval.
Delhi metro partly comes under the central government.
Kejriwal mentioned that how the Delhi Government is capable of taking the cost of women's transport.
"Delhi is the only government that is honest and is spending your money on facilities and is still running on profit,"
The BJP came out trying to shun down  Mr Kejriwal's announcement.
"Now such announcements will keep coming from the ghoshna mantra (announcement chief minister). Arvind Kejriwal has lost his mental balance,"
 said Manoj Tiwari, Delhi BJP chief.

AAP chief  also said that he's in touch with the the city's power regulator to cut down the charge which is mandatory to pay for each meter.


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