Maoists Burn Down Cars In Gadhchiroli

While the district of Gadhchiroli, Maharashtra, were busy preparing for the celebration of Maharashtra day, the Maoists seemed to have different plans for today. 1 May is celebrated as Maharashtra day in the state of Maharashtra, and as every district does, even Gadhchiroli had its own celebrations planned for today. But these celebrations were interrupted by the Maoists as they torched up around 30 cars of a private firm.

The Maoists had started a protest to mark the first death anniversary of their 40 comrades who were shot by the security forces last year on 22nd April. They were now on the last stage of the protest and the result was seen today. They did not only do this, but banners and posters were put up everywhere criticizing the shot down of their comrades. The person/people who did this is not found as of now as they fled away from the location. 

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