Man tries molesting a lady, and killed two other women from same family.

A man tried to molest a woman, and when failed ran over two elderly women.On Monday night the two elderly women were killed also with which two others were injured by this hit and run case.The CCTV footage shows how the fast moving car hit the two women. The car than sped away.The police said that they have already filed a case against this 30 year old man who belong to a upper  caste. The accused tried to molest a 22 year old woman who is a Dalit, and when he failed to do in order to take revenge he ran over the two elderly women. All the three women were family.A local resident recorded a video were the 22 year old woman alleges that the accused who lives in neighbouring village tried to harass her. She also said that the accused threatened her just minutes before running and allegedly killing two of her family members.

"The man came from behind and told me to sit in his car. He threatened us, saying he will come back. He did come back in a speeding vehicle and hit us. There was only one man in the car. I will identify him," the woman said.
Atul Shrivastava said that earlier it was told that the accident was done by a truck
"We filed a case. But now the family has given a written complaint that a molestation attempt led to the incident. We have included that in the FIR (First Information Report) and are trying to arrest the accused,"
Mr Shrivastava said. Bulandshahr  N Kolanchi, another senior officer said that the accused have been apprehended.
"The woman in her statement said she was asked to sit in the car and the accused ran over them after she refused. The accused, however, said the women suddenly came in front of him while he was driving. This has been captured in CCTV camera. He claimed he didn't try to molest the woman," Mr Kolanchi said.


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