Man climbs an electricity pole

Noida: This Monday morning in Noida experienced a mentally challenged man who climbed an electricity pole and refused to come down. This happened near Noida City Center. The man, even after pleadings did not come down and this stroll continued till an hour. Reportedly, the 26-year-old man was identified as Anirudh who belonged to Bettiah district in Bihar.


He climbed the pole at around 8 AM. Passerbys chided and shouted at him to get down but he refused. It was then that the crowd called Police inspector. The man after seeing the inspector got afraid and started shouting "Goli". The police officers couldn't convince him that they are no harm. A total of five teams came for the rescue including, Fire Department, Noida Patrolling Unit, PCR41, PRV 146 and electricity department. The man was finally brought down at around 9:10 AM. This, however, created a serious traffic jam as people stopped their vehicles to see the man. The pole was soon gathered by a huge crowd.

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