Gwalior Police harshly beat Woman

Gwalior Police harshly beat Woman.

A video, which have'nt verified yet, has surfaced online in which a policeman was seen repeatedly beating up a woman. The video showcased three women each with a child cringing on the floor. The women could be seen crying while a policeman holding a stick asked them to stand up. The policeman continued to beat one of the ladies who raised her hand in defense and later pulled her from hair forcing her to stand.

Four other policemen could also be seen in the video being mere spectators. The police station where the entire episode took place is believed to be in Gwalior.

Gwalior police was unaware of any such incident before this video went viral. The police has claimed that the video is two years old. The said officer is on election duty and an inquiry would be initiated against him after his return, police said.

But, According to our information this incident is very old and also has been showcased on Telivision before. Whatever, This Policeman is doing is absolutely Right, The Women who get beat by the officers has use their kids as a sample to earn money and to make their livelihood ongoing. These Women "CUT DOWN THE HANDS AND LEGS OF SMALL KIDS AND TOLD THEM TO BEG INFRONT OF OTHERS TO EARN MONEY". 

This is such a disgusting thing that has been done by this Women earlier. No one can't scold somebody or make him/her beg to fullfill THE NEEDS.



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