Fares for Auto-rickshaws goes up by over 18%.


In Delhi the fares of auto-rickshaw goes up by 18%. Also there will be a different charge for traffic jams.


The rise in the fair brings good news for the auto rickshaw drivers. Nearly 90,000 auto rickshaw driver resides in Delhi who were very crucial for the win of Aam Aadmi Party in last Delhi Assembly polls.
Starting from today the fares of auto in Delhi have increased by 18.75%. Earlier, the per kilometer charge was used to be Rs 8 which now will be Rs 9.5, meanwhile the meterdown charge of 2 km used to be Rs 25, which now  is reduced to 1.5 km for the same amount.
An extra charge of Rs 7.5 will be collected for luggage, and a sum of Rs 0.75 will be charged for each minute in the traffic jam.
''Auto-rickshaw drivers will be able to charge the revised rates after re-calibration of fare meters. It will take over a month for re-calibration of meters in some 90,000 autos registered in Delhi,"
a senior Transport Department official said.
The announcement of the hike in prices was done by the Aam Aadmi Party last week.
In 2013 when AAP was making their debut in the Delhi Assembly Election, auto-rickshaw drivers supported and also campaigned for the party. So the party wants to benefit and assure their supporters for the coming polls which are only a year away.
Arvind Kejriwal leading, AAP won in Delhi in 2013 against Congress and putting a halt on their long rule over Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal promised for annual revision of fares.
This hike in fair  has been announced only days after the news of free rides for women in public transport in Delhi. This plan is to be commencing in eight month with the cost of Rs 1,567 crore.


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