Strict Dos and Don’ts before Visiting Malls, Restaurants and Worship Places

With the ease in lockdown 5.0 and relative opening of businesses and worship places from June 8, Health Ministry has released a set of five fresh SOPs before going to malls, restaurants, religious places, and others. The Health Ministry has ruled out guidelines that offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, religious places will be opened only in non-containment zones. Also, the housing societies and building entrances must have sanitizing and thermal screening facilities. Here is a list of SOPs for different places and this list thus enumerates the dos and don’ts for each individual.


SOPs for religious places of worship

* Touching of statues, idols, and holy books strictly not allowed.

*Shoes should be taken off in one’s own vehicle.

* Choirs or singing groups are not allowed; recorded devotional music should be played instead of the live choir groups.

* Public should bring their own mats or sheets.

* No physical offerings, prasad, or holy water allowed inside the religious place.

* Avoid physical contact when greeting.


SOPs for shopping malls

* Mall management shall deploy adequate manpower to ensure social distancing is maintained.

* Minimum number of customers must be allowed inside the shop.

* Only 50% of seating capacity is allowed in food areas. Thus, food courts must be occupied half in number of the seating capacity.

* On escalators, persons on alternate steps are encouraged

* Gaming arcades, children’s play areas, and cinema halls inside shopping malls will remain closed.


SOPs for restaurants

* Not more than 50% of seating capacity is to be permitted.

* Takeaways instead of dine-in is highly encouraged and shall be promoted.

* Delivery persons should leave the food packet at the door instead of handing the food packet to the customer.

* Digital payments are encouraged. One must preferably pay digitally than through cash.

* Masks must be worn inside restaurants at all times.

* Restaurants should stagger patrons if possible

* Disposable menus and paper napkins are advised, tables should be sanitized after every customer leaves. Sanitization must be done properly of the tables and chairs.


SOPs for hotels

* Guests must provide travel history, medical condition, self-declaration form, and ID while check in.

* Establishments must have contactless processes as an option for check-in and check-out.

* Luggage must be disinfected before being sent to rooms.


SOPs for offices

* Only asymptomatic people are allowed to come in.

* Employers should stagger office hours and lunch breaks.

* Buildings should preferably have separate entry and exit.



SOPs for offices are considered to be very important because most of the offices have already started their work and in such case, if any employee is suspected of COVID-19 in office then the office should isolate the person and inform medical facility or helpline number as soon as possible. In such a case, the people with close contact with the suspected person should be sent to immediate 14-day quarantine but the ones with no close contact can go back to the office. If the suspect is tested positive then whole office premises must be sanitized then.





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