Details about the brutal murder in Aligarh


Aligarh: A two year old innocent, Twinkle Sharma, was brutally murdered by two men, Zahid and Aslam in Aligrah, Uttar Pradesh. The victims lived not more than a kilometer away from the child's house. They first kidnapped the girl and later killed her.



Actually Zahid had taken a loan of Rs.50,000 from the girl's grandfather out of which he stilled owed his Rs.10,000. This is why they had a fight the day before the girl was kidnapped. Zahid kidnapped her and hid her in Aslam's house. A few days later the local residents saw a dog sliding away a bag which stinked like a decaying body and was covered with maggots. 



Zahid and Aslam did the brutal crime in anguish to take revenge from her family. Her body was found in a dumpyard on the outskirts of Aligarh, not much away from her house. Even after the missing report, the police did not take active steps for tracking her down which made the police department suspend five of the officers.



A new hashtag has been active after the murder with around 50,000 tweets expressing sorrow for her. Famous politicians and actors have tweeted as well. 



Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted: "The horrific murder of a little girl in Aligarh, UP has shocked and disturbed me. How can any human being treat a child with such brutality? This terrible crime must not go unpunished. The UP police must act swiftly to bring the killers to justice."



Actor Abhishek Bachchan said he was "disgusted and angered". "How can somebody even think of doing such a thing? Speechless..." he tweeted.


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