Cyclone Fani : About 450 km from Odisha

A powerful cyclonic storm named Fani ( pronounced as FONI) is headed towards the Odisha coast , with its landfall forecast near south of Puri on Friday. The Indian Meteorological Department , through an early morning tweet, updated that the Fani has turned into an "extreme severe cyclonic" storm and is about 450 km per hour from the Odisha coast. Fani is moving northwards with a speed of five kilometer per hour in last six hours and is likely to make landfall at Odisha coast between Gopalpur and Chandbali on 3rd of May , with windspeed up to 200 kilometer per hour . IMD has issued a "Yellow Alert" warning for Odisha , West Bengal and three districts of Andhra Pradesh. 

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has deployed 28 teams in Odisha, 12 teams in Andhra Pradesh , and 6 teams in West Bengal for relief and rescue operations. It  has also kept 30 additional teams on standby, which are equipped with boats, tree cutters and telecom equipment, an official said. Defense forces remain on high alert ahead of storm landfall, with teams of Navy, Air Force , Coast Guard and Personnel of NDRF,  Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force and Fire service deployed in vulnerable areas.

In the wake of the impending cyclone , the Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday, issued an advanced financial assistance of Rs. 1086 crores to the four states expected to be affected by Fani cyclone. The financial aid will be provided to Odisha, Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu and West Bengal for preventive and relief measures.The four states will recieve the aid from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) subject to the decision by the National Crisis Management Committee(NCMC).

As over 100 trains were cancelled in Odisha owing to the upcoming cyclone. The district administration has also announced a special bus service for West Bengal tourists in Odisha's Puri. Odisha government has planned to evacuate around 8 Lakh people from seaside villages and low lying areas to safer places by Thursday evening , the Times of India reported. The weatherman has also issued warning to fishermen not to venture into deep sea areas of Southwest adjoining Southeast Bay of Bengal , Southeast  and adjoining the Westcentral  Bay of Bengal , along and off Puducherry, North of Tamil Nadu and South Andhra Pradesh coasts on May 2nd. They have also been asked to stay away from Sea areas of Wesatcentral Bay of Bengal , along and off North of Andhra Pradesh coast till May 3rd.

Cyclone Fani , which has intensified as extremely severe cyclonic storm , is only a little weaker than super cyclone that hit Odisha in 1999, killing almost 10, 500 people. Fortunately the damage going to be caused in Odisha by Cyclone Fani is expected to be a lot less , thanks to the advancement in forecast and storm tracking bt the IMD in last 20 years.

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