Class 10 girl found dead in school washroom.

Class 10 girl found dead in school washroom. On 21st June, Friday, In an alleged case of suicide, a Class 10 student in a prominent Kolkata school was found dead with her wrist slit and a plastic bag wrapped around her head inside her school bathroom. The girl left her classroom around 1:30 pm on Friday and entered the washroom. After an hour, when the teacher found the girl missing, a search was started and the body was discovered inside the washroom. 


She was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors declared her "brought dead". The girl died due to the smothering of plastic bag around the face not due to slashed wrist. The police is still trying to ascertain the modus operandi. A 3 page suicide note recovered from the spot stated that she was suffering from stress and that she could not sleep for the last three months. She was a very bright girl and was very keen to get through to the Indian Statistical Institute. Initial investigation reveal that she was under pressure for that.

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